top 5 tips for writing a good essay

top 5 tips for writing a good essay?

An essay is the personal view of a student regarding a particular subject or topic. So it is very important to possess certain writing skills and knowledge to write down an essay as it reflects the opinion and individuality of the person writing it. There are the top 5 tips to writing a good essay mentioned in this article which can be kept in mind while pinning down an essay on a particular subject matter. Following these tips can help one come up with an excellent upshot:

Identify with the subject

  • Most essays are graded on the basis of how well the writer has been able to understand the general picture of the subject matter. Understand and lookout for the correct answers to the question which has been put up in the essay. Deal straightaway with an introduction to the topic rather than beating around the bush. Be specific.


Create an attractive bedrock of your essay

  • Your essay heading or thesis statement should be catchy and carry the overview of the content you have written. The statement should be able to captivate the interest of the readers in the very beginning. Make sure your heading is completely relevant to your content and shouldn’t be misleading.

Analyze before writing

  • Evaluate the crisis or issue that has been addressed and examine the content carefully. Discuss the problems in separate paragraphs with proper introduction, causes of the issue and the ways to deal with it. Provide solid evidences, facts and statistics for your analysis and respond effectively to the prompt. Keep returning to the central idea of your topic and avoid any sort of digression.

Plan up the matter smartly

  • It is advisable to arrange the matter and address the problem in a particular order. For example, if you are addressing causes of a certain crisis, then first finish writing about it and move on to the prevention or cure afterwards. Do not muddle up everything together in a haphazard manner. It creates a bad impression of the writer and reflects his vague knowledge about the subject matter.

Appropriate conclusion

  • Give a proper winding up to your essay. Do not end it midway or incomplete. The reader shouldnt feel the need of having few more sentences for the essay to finish up properly. An apt conclusion satisfies the reader. Also, make sure that your conclusion contains something new and not just a reiteration of the previously mentioned points.

top 5 tips for writing a good essay will surely help the student to score good marks just follow these 5 steps.


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